The Rebrand

Well, Hello World again.
I have rebranded, it seems to be the new thing now or let’s just say someone bought my blog(sounds cool), ok, no one bought it, I just wanted a name change. Poeticwords233 was a good name but I realised it sounded boring. Don’t mind me, bottom line is I would like to post other stuff and the name limited me but now I have lifted that limitation. I also don’t like blogs with my name on it, don’t ask me why. Guess the chicken slayer does it for me. For now.
Also I felt the need to because I am in a new stage of my life(no longer a student), I hope to blog more. Im still accepting the congratulatory messages 🙂 thanks and I hope I don’t bore you. Bookmark this page on your browser(click on the star sign in your address bar, I’m assuming you are using chrome(that’s the fastest) and visit everyday because I will have something to say everyday)

Currently, I am unemployed and an unpaid house help at home(Hope my mum doesn’t see this). Life is never easy.



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