Marriage? Wait a minute

** Happily eating at a friend’s wedding reception **

Woman: How are you? You are all grown up!

Me: I’m fine auntie (In Ghana, every older woman is an aunt).

Woman: I hope we will be attending your wedding soon.

Me: -_-


You approach me at a wedding to ask if I will be getting married soon expecting me not to take offense. I wonder how they will feel if …


** Eating happily at her friend’s funeral **

Me: Hey auntie, hope you are having fun at your friend’s funeral

Woman: Hmm, I’m sad oh

Me: Oh don’t be, you are growing old too,  we will be attending your funeral soon ^_^

** crickets**

…nah, never mind.

I don’t get some adults, they give too much pressure to get married. It’s quite annoying. And that thing they say that your biological clock is ticking, if you don’t marry fast, you will end up an old, bitter lady who lives with cats( I don’t even like cats).

Ideally, you are supposed to live with your spouse till you both die, shouldn’t a girl at least relax and make sure they want all that? In our part of the world, an unmarried woman is a shame to her family and society. Some young girls try to avoid this by rushing into marriage to avoid being tagged by society as unsuccessful and not  fit to be called women because they are without men. Nonsense.

Let’s forget the fact that marriage is a life long commitment, and they just want to eat and dance at your wedding. Are they ready to foot the bills? Will they help you own a house, get you a good paying job, pay for your baby diapers and take them to private schools? No? They don’t even bring gifts when they are attending the wedding. Some of these people are not even happy in their marriages, instead of advising us so we don’t make the same mistakes they made, they are ready to help us rush into marriage. Why should a person rush into marriage and be sad the rest of their lives? What’s the difference between a sad married woman and a sad unmarried woman? One isn’t judged by society, psyche.

We also have the people who are scared they are growing too old and they end up marrying anyone who comes their way after their expectations aren’t met. It’s better you stay single than settle for just anyone because of society(yes, I said it).  Of course, you have to set realistic standards.

Marriage is a forever thing, divorce messes things up. Why don’t you allow us to take our time, find the right person, and marry at the right time?    Better to be single and happy and let society hate you than marry, be sad, have dysfunctional children and let society be happy.