I was DUPED!

Case file 101 – The Circle Adventure(The misadventures of Achere)

A friend, let’s call her AB, wanted an iPhone 5s. I called a few friends to help me get one (my friends are always selling phones). Most of the people who I knew were selling had run out, then one friend called saying he had got one and gave me a number to call, I called the person and we agreed to meet at the mall. You see, I didn’t know my friend got the number off tonaton.

We met the guy, the phone had touch issues so we told him we didn’t want it and headed for circle to buy it at Freddie’s corner. The guy, let’s call him Uche, said he had other iphones and would meet us in circle. I told him it wasn’t necessary. Now, I used my number to call everyone except Uche,  no one  knew that number I used for Uche.  On the way to circle, I saw a 057 number calling me,thinking it was Uche (he had a 026 number), I picked about to tell him I didn’t want the phone anymore when I heard another voice. This guy, let’s call him Abass, said he was selling an iphone 5s gold for GHS1700(Last I checked, before the cedi decided to fall, that was a good price for an iPhone). We agreed to meet at busy internet.

Saturday 1:50pm, Busy internet

We got to busy internet and called him, he said he had sent one of his boys who was coming from Abeka. They had a shop in Achimota.

2:30pm, Busy internet

His boy finally arrived, let’s call him Obidi, and showed us the phone. AB checked the serial number and imei number to make sure it was original, it was.  Then Obidi said we would have to add 100gh because his boss sent him to bring me the phone. I got confused, the phone was GHS1700, he would have to discuss that with his boss.  He called his boss, I spoke to him and said the best I could give him was 1710gh. The boss said I should explain it to him to clear any confusion, I had given him the money and had the phone in hand. The guy refused the 100gh, so I took my money back and gave him his phone. We took like two steps then he said its okay, he will take the money like that. We agreed on it, I was running late so I flagged down a taxi, we sat down, switched the phone on just to see an android version of an iphone. The guy swapped the phone last minute and gave us a fake one. I told the driver to turn around, when we got there, the guy had left. I called him to tell him that I had left something in the envelope so he should bring it back, he said okay.

3:05pm, Busy internet

We came back to busy internet and waited for 30 minutes, he didn’t come. I called him again and told him to come, he laughed. I told him, I will look for him, I will find him and come after him. He cut the call, I called again and the phone was switched off. I called Uche and he was still asking if I wanted to meet him in circle. I asked him about  the guy he sent to bring the phone, he said he didn’t send anyone.

I laughed and looked for a chair to sit down in case I felt like collapsing.

I had been duped.

To be cont’d…