Just a moment, I have the solution…

**This is post is explicit. Be warned**

Just give me a moment, ever been so frustrated you wanted to forget everything and sit in your comfort zone? Wanted to give up? Or things were just not going right? Listened to all the motivational messages but still, meh? Disappointed in yourself? Take time, read this, I’m not here to motivate you, I’m here to drag you back on track, and headed towards the goal!

determination matters

determination matters

1. Believe in your fucking self!
2. Learn to take criticism!
3. Get over yourself!
4. Learn from your fucking mistakes, admit it when you are wrong!
5. Know when to fucking speak up!
7. Find Inspiration E-V-ERY-WH–ERE!
8. Network! Network!! Fucking NETWORK!
9. Trust you fucking GUT!
10. Fucking ask for help!
11. Have a goal! Have a concept! Collaborate!
12. Write some ideas down, plan your fucking day!
13. Stop procrastinating! Don’t fucking procrastinate!!
14. Stay up all night and WORK if you fucking have to!
15. GET OUT of your fucking Comfort zone,step out of that box!
16. There will always be people better than you, there will always be people you are better than. Fucking deal with it!
17. Question every damn thing, find answers for yourself!
18. Have some friends! Love your fucking friends! Care about them!
19. Take time off when you have to. Enjoy Leisure. Chill. Fucking turn up when you reach a milestone!
21. Love yourself, love your fucking messed up self! Accept your imperfect self! You will learn to get better when you do!
…You win some, you lose some but don’t give up! Never fucking give up. Don’t…

I’m outta here