My Blackberry Experience


So one day I was cruising in my Porsche on the internet highway, and i saw a link shared by Fiifi baidoo of iSpace Foundation about a Blackberry Jam to be held in their newly launched tech hub. At first, I wasn’t really interested being an android freak and all but I decided to give it a try. So I told my friends about it and we got tickets to the event.

Fast forward to 1st July 2013. The event was scheduled to start at 9am, I was supposed to meet a friend at 8:30am at 37 station. She finally arrived at 8:50am and I was there at 8:30am. We got to OSU and got lost so I called Fiifi and he came to pick us up. I met Jesse there and went along with Eyram. We got there around 9:15am and luckily, the software tools to be used that day were being installed. We also installed and then went for breakfast. The event, Blackberry Jam was being organised by Blackberry and The head of Blackberry for Africa, Lany, was there along with 2 developers, Luca and Michael. (They should have brought Alicia Keys too).

After breakfast, we started the first part of the workshop where we were taught the different platforms available to program for the new BB10 and the core/kernal of it. Seriously, BB is doing something wonderful. The BB10 has a lot of amazing features like the ability to use html5 or c++ to write programs for it, with the high amount of web devs around, I see a future for BB10. We then went for lunch, lunch was great(this is an understatement, blackberry did well when it came to food). After lunch, we started with using c++ to write apps for BB10 led by Michael, we wrote an internationalized hello world app then after we used BB webworks and Ripple to write the web-like apps for it too. Then there was the Z10 challenge where someone won a Z10 *sigh*. At 5pm,the program came to an end. On the way home, we met Lany, Luca and Michael and went to Oxford street for an ice cream treat.

In all, it was an eye opening event, I got to see the iSpace(its a nice place and close to the sea, you should visit) and I realised its not good to close your mind to new opportunities especially when it comes to programming ( an advise to wannabe devs like me), its always good to be a versatile dev especially when they all provide money making opportunities.

Warm Regards,
The Chicken Slayer