All Dogs Go To Heaven

Dear Doggy heaven God,

I miss my dog already and it has only been 24 hours since he departed. Eternally.My Zeus, my favorite Dachshund. 12 years ago, he joined the family and was awesome( and naughty too). He was more than a pet, more like a wonderful friend. He knew when I was sad and came to sit quietly by me or when I was angry and just went into hiding. I will miss his barks of joy when he heard us talk about walks. And yes, he was the original Chicken Slayer, once a neighbour’s chicken entered our compound, we either saved it or he eats it whole(feathers and all),I hope you don’t classify it as stealing at your end lol.

I will miss watching youtube dog videos and insulting him because he couldn’t do most of the cool tricks. And when he started growing fat and we used to go jogging with him and how he got tired you have to carry him home. Or when I went on long walks with him to clear my head and think. I talked to him and he never gave bad advice, he doesn’t give advise at all (lol), but he listened. When I fall ill and have to stay indoors,he comes to sit by my bed or jumps in bed with me. He was that awesome dog, the mighty Zeus. And he never allowed his size to bother him, he fought with the big dogs and chased people around. I hope doggy heaven has rice and spaghetti and chickens, because those are his favorite. And he likes to have his own box to sleep in, with a towel laid inside else he will go and pull clothes left on the drying line and line them in his box and sleep(he believes its his right).


He was a good dog, a little stubborn at times, disobedient at times but that is what made him a cool dog. I don’t know why you had to come for him now, but always tell him that I will miss him so much and will never forget him. I loved him so. Take care of him for me.

Thank you. RIP Zeus. RIP Chicken Slayer. I’m happy I had you.Goodbye Dog