I was DUPED, Chapter 2

Case file 101– The Circle Adventure

In case you missed the first chapter, you can read it here


The pity party started, my friend said it was okay, at least we weren’t harmed. Everyone told me I should “fama Nyame”(Leave it to God), my mum offered to buy the phone for my friend, I refused. I gave AB my phone as compensation, she refused, she said I should forget about it bad things happen.

Tuesday(Enter Detective Achere)

The pity party was over, I needed the money back. I called tonaton to report the case, I wanted them to match the ip address of the thieves(They had pulled the ads with those numbers down but I still had the link) to new posts. They said I needed a police report. I called tigo and asked for the process of getting numbers last dialled on a number, they said I needed a court order. I went to the police station in my area to report but they said I should report in the area the thing happened (Circle), I explained that all I needed was a police report for an investigation, they said I should go to Circle. The “fama Nyame” advice was slowly sinking in.


I hadn’t slept since the incident happened, I hadn’t calmed down to think properly. I prayed and told God, I will “fama Nyame” but he must help me find the thieves, God is omniscient and omnipresent. I tried the 057 and 026 numbers again, they were all off. I finally managed to sleep for 3 hours.

Friday(I will look for you)

I was up and on the internet again, I was looking for similar ads and patterns just in case the guy decided to post again (They usually ask for very low prices and use new numbers). He uses tonaton and Olx, I found a suspicious post selling an htc one m8 for GHS1400. I called one gangster cousin, I narrated everything to him, he agreed to send me to Circle in case it was the same guy. We went to Circle and I decided to pass by the Nima police station to report the case. I was directed to a police station at Circle(I didn’t know about their existence). The policewoman on duty said I shouldn’t worry and she gave me the number of a policeman to assist me. I went to meet the guy at busy internet, it was a fake phone and it wasn’t even him. The policewoman said I should come back on Saturday.


It had been a week now, I went to the police station at 12pm, I was disguised and sent to the place where the Chinese phones were offloaded and sold(the den of thieves). I didn’t see the guy there. I realised this method won’t work.

Monday (I will find you)

I was up on tonaton and Olx again and Google too. Doing some keyword searches then I found it, another post selling an iphone 5s gold under a name containing Abass. It was around 6pm, I sent the police a whats app message that I think I have the guy. I made a male friend call, they said the phone was available.

Tuesday (I will come after you)

Around 11am, I asked the police how far. He said he made a girl call,they had agreed on a price, GHS 1400, for an iphone 5s gold, the people kept calling to meet but he scheduled it for the following day,  I said NO! we had to meet them now.


We planned to meet them at Eddy’s Pizza at 2pm, but the police said it’s never one guy, they move in groups with motorcycles. They will get there earlier to check if you were alone so we should wait.


They kept calling the girl, she didn’t pick.


We got to Eddy’s Pizza, the girl called back with the excuse that her boss sent her. The iphone guy said he had left. She begged him to come back. We went with three policemen all dressed as civilians. Two policemen were in the next restaurant, we were at Eddy’s Pizza and the macho policeman was  sitting outside. The stage was set.


We kept calling him, every time he had a different excuse; he was at Kanda, he was at kaneshie,he was in traffic. He suggested we met at Vodafone, the girl refused.

We waited.

The first motorcycle came to pass around 6:15pm, the second one came to stop in front of Eddy’s pizza. It was a different guy,he alighted and told the motor rider to wait for him. He called and asked her girl to come out. She went out, went into a corner with the guy.  The moment the guy gave the phone to the girl to inspect (the original one they show you), the macho policeman standing there took the phone from her hand, searched the guy and found on him a box with a fake iphone. I checked the imei number of the original iphone, it was the same as the one they tried selling to me. The other gang members started coming around,they were 5, but they were afraid of the police. They wanted to cause confusion and the police marched all of them to the station.

Long story short 

I had my money back by Wednesday afternoon, GHS1700. My father didn’t teach me “fama Nyame”,he taught me to stand for what I believed in. The thieves underrated me and my computer science degree and the fact that I went to private school for 9 years, but I no bore.

To God be the Glory.

NB: In case you get duped in Circle, look for the Circle police station and report the case. It’s by the filling station by the first overhead after busy internet.