Tech needs girls

Tech needs girls
This is a post I should have posted a long time ago, but I guess its never too late to share. Tech needs girls Ghana is an event I took part in on the 1st of June 2013. It started like this, an email came about a technology event for girls in Accra, Rasheeda and I who were on the same mailing list said why don’t these things happen in Kumasi? We were students of KNUST back then,we recently graduated. Let me not bore you, thankfully Rasheeda wrote about everything The Beginning and The Event Itself. Just click on the links and read more.

The event was successful in ways I never imagined, we were a bit hesitant because the worst could happen, no one would come or the worst worst(excuse my english) too many people would come and the food won’t be enough or the terrible worst, black out the whole day. But thankfully, none of them happened. I had the opportunity to work with amazing female devs who developed amazing things and I finally met Regina Agyare, I had heard about her a lot but never seen her. It was a great day, meeting girls from different schools and sharing our passion with them. My team and I created a website and almost lost the innovation challenge. We were close to the bottom, but I particularly enjoyed the brainstorming session.

The day ended with the mentors going to have a small get together at a restaurant nearby. I learnt a lot from the event and I hope more would be organised in different regions. Technology really needs girls and this is not a sexist statement.

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